Today was another historic BizWomen Mentoring Monday. The sold-out event, hosted by the Houston Business Journal, happened across our country at the same time. Attendees had the opportunity to choose from 40 professional business “womementors” for one-on-one coaching sessions. This was my second time to mentor. Houston Philanthropist and dedicated volunteer fundraiser Dr. Carolyn Farb (pictured) and I had time to compare notes about our experiences as women in leadership roles and to acknowledge what has, and has not changed over time. We remain passionate about closing the gender gap and championing the walks of all young women professionals. It was a great day for Houston BizWomen!

Since my business has a global footprint, I get to see not only the hurdles that women face in the U.S., but also from other countries and cultures as well. We are a global marketplace and interact with women on every professional level and experience gender bias in other cultures as well. It’s part of what a language translations company acknowledges when we localize cultural differences for our clients and we must remain hyper vigilant about respecting local custom.

It’s not enough to just acknowledge that there remains work to do. Women leaders of the world, I challenge you to do one thing each week that helps mentor and grow your own company or organization’s young professional women. I don’t see it as a cause, I see it as a reality. I personally welcome your action items!

We still have work to do. Young women professionals: What question would you like to know the answer to? What would you like to see happening that isn’t at your company? If you could tell your company leadership anything, what would you say?

Lean into the conversation with me!

– Flor Dimassi, CEO

GlobalSpeak Translations