The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is known across the energy sector as the premier destination for exploration and production professionals, offering access to the newest technology and innovative practices across the energy sector.  That was until OTC announced it’s new program, d5, which will follow OTC’s scheduled events this upcoming May.

What is d5?

Dubbed “The Next Big Thing”, d5 is set to premier its new format at the University of Houston on May 8. Created to bridge the gap between academia and industry expertise, d5 will serve as a vessel to help companies and professionals adapt to the changing global climate. Quite simply, d5 seeks to identify future methods and technologies that will aid energy professionals. The program is already generating buzz among industry personnel, and although many may be expecting the same old OTC song and dance, make no mistake – d5 is, indeed, the next big thing for the industry.

Led by the energy expertise of OTC d5 Advisory Board Chair Steve Balint, Statoil’s Helge Hove Haldorsen and Energy Valley CEO Art Schroeder, d5 aims to analyze industry practices and develop new, non-linear methods to help pinpoint the next logical and strategic step for members of the offshore energy sector.

It’s not just about technology or industry trends – although offshore accounts for 30 percent of daily global oil production (roughly 92 million barrels per day) and amounts to a whopping $250-$300 billion dollar global market – d5 is about innovative and creative deconstruction. The thought leadership format encourages energy personnel to think outside of the box as they interact with key influencers outside of the oil and gas practice, together tackling some of the energy sector’s present and future challenges. Above all, the format aims to create game-changing solutions to many industry obstacles.

These are not lofty expectations – d5 has created a format that fosters innovative dialogue. Participants are encouraged to look outside of the energy box and consider doing things differently. And while some may say that is easier said than done, d5 has enlisted the expertise of some of the world’s leading influential thinkers, who represent a number of industries and disciplines.

The Role of Thought Leadership

The event’s list of speakers includes a world-renowned political scientist, former Navy Commander, former NASA astronaut and commander and a Harvard professor, who is a leading authority on competitive strategies. None of the speakers are so-called “energy experts”, but they do understand how the world works. What’s even more impressive is the access that attendees will have to these influential minds.

In addition to lending unique insight to their own experiences and success during individual addresses, d5 speakers will join participants in breakout sessions, where they can come together in an intimate space and collaborate on everything from economics and insight to leadership insights and navigating industry trends.

Think about it from this perspective – everything must grow in order to prosper and, ultimately, survive. Our career endeavors are no different. The energy industry is constantly evolving, from its personnel to the cyclical market that it revolves around. What we as professionals did yesterday may no longer be applicable, and our quest towards success begins and ends with the understanding that adapting and evolving are necessary to bridge the gap to the future.

The thinking behind d5 is precisely what energy professionals need during what has become an increasingly delicate time. Between flat lining crude costs and other global factors, this industry, as we know it, is changing. It is evolving. As you prepare for OTC 2015, consider the greater scope of things. The challenge is present, here and now. We as energy influencers must act now in order to secure a more prosperous and optimal future.

Global Speak Translations understands the importance of communication. Language and its message makes the world turn. At its core, d5 is about participating in open communication, and that is precisely what makes it so special. Great thinkers have propelled the world forward for centuries, and the energy sector should not be any different. Joining the conversation is the first step.
Flor Dimassi, GlobalSpeakWith more than 18 years experience in translation and interpretation, Flor Dimassi, CEO of Global Speak Translations stays on the pulse of what is happening in the international oil and gas arena. She turns language and cultural diversity into business opportunities for her clients. Learn more at

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