Dynamic and Sustained Growth In Mexico Medical Service Device Sector

The renaissance starting with the Mexico Energy reform is not contained to energy. The accompanying infrastructure build is far reaching. For instance, the healthcare industry is bent on improving patient care.

During the last decade, Mexico’s medical sector has experienced dynamic and sustained growth.

In 2008, the first Mexican hospital system became certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) which is an international non-profit organization, focused on improving patient safety through accreditation and certification to suppliers of patient care services. JCI’s Accreditation is a process designed to create a culture of safety and quality within medical organizations, so these continually strive improving their processes and outcomes for patient care.

Since 2008, 7 more hospital systems have joined ranks and have become JCI certified. It’s not a trend, it’s a movement.

Who’s A Manufacturing Player In Mexico

Some of the medical sector’s leading companies globally are established in Mexico, such as: Beckton Dickinson, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, among others.

Mexico has become the leading medical product supplier to the most important market in the world: the United States.  We found a white paper , “Designed In Mexico – Roadmap to the Medical Device Industry” published in 2012 by ProMexico and the Mexico government. It defines strategy and scope for companies wishing to do business in the industry there. The business opportunities lined out by this guide are enormous.


What part does language play in the progress in the Mexico medical industry? It is the conduit for change, enabling scientists and industries to collaborate on a global stage. Our recent white paper “Global Language Brief” is the mallet that hits the gong loudly for international business. Your company can ignore the opportunities presented by language and remain in a place of stagnation, or it can act.

Who Will Benefit?

If your company is affected by the downturn in oil and gas, it’s time to think outside the box.  If you’ve been doing business exclusively in the Unite States, look for opportunities abroad, such as in the Mexico medical services and manufacturing industry. Pull your team together and be disruptive thinkers. Can your product or service change to accommodate a new market? Are you utilizing internet technology to find new global opportunities?  The first adopters will win, you know this.

Business as usual is now business for the brave.

About the Author:

Flor Dimassi, GlobalSpeakWith more than 18 years experience in translation and interpretation, Flor Dimassi, CEO of Global Speak Translations, stays on the pulse of what is happening in the international oil and gas arena. She turns language and cultural diversity into business opportunities for her clients. Learn more at www.globalspeaktranslations.com.

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