GlobalSpeak Translations attended the 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) on May 02 – May 05, 2016, at NRG Park in Houston, Texas.

GlobalSpeak Translations specializes in energy sector translations with an experienced field Geologist on staff to ensure the quality of industry knowledge and terminology. GlobalSpeak Translations will be attending the 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) on May 04 – May 07, 2014, at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. During the conference, both Flor Dimassi, CEO, and Thomas Lacombe, President, look forward to visiting your booths. Please let Flor Dimassi know how her team may best prepare your organization for the OTC.

About OTC: Founded in 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is held annually at Reliant Center in Houston. OTC ranks among the largest 200 trade shows held annually in the United States and is among the 10 largest meetings in terms of attendance. Attendance consistently exceeds 50,000, and more than 2,000 companies participate in the exhibition. OTC includes attendees from around the globe, with more than 110 countries represented at recent conferences.

About GST: GlobalSpeak Translations (GST) specializes exclusively in market-leading energy-specific language services. GST offers highly precise, high quality documentation translations and live interpretation to all types of energy companies and needs, upstream and downstream, in every principal energy language. GST’s offering includes oil and gas document translation, niche energy service translation, energy interpretation, meeting interpretation, energy legal translation, and energy marketing translation.

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