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Expert Translations in Houston Texas

Translations require a translator with an industry-specific technical background and native language capabilities.

We have an extensive dedicated team including translators, editors, proofreaders, quality assurance professionals and project managers who all play a role in ensuring the accuracy of our translations.

Best of all…

Our translators in Houston, TX are engineers, or professionals in the field, native speakers to the target language, fluent in the source language, and focused on their individual area of expertise.


Technical documents require industry specific translators that not only understand the subject matter but they also have the background and know how to use the proper terminology.

Why does this matter?

A high quality translation connects the Global Economy. With over 23 years of experience in translation services, Global Speak Translations provides precise and high quality translations for the energy and other industries.

Translating Services for Every Industry

Translating Services for Every Industry

  • Energy Translations
  • Manufacturing Translations
  • Construction Translation
  • Legal Translations

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