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    5 Myths about Translation and Translators

    Translators often face a difficult time when it comes to a misinformed public. After all, most people never avail themselves of an interpreter at any point in their lives. Thus, translators and interpreters have to educate the clients about the industry in order to debunk the myths that seem to keep on circulating… Read More
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    6 Qualities of a Good Interpreter

    The distance between countries is shrinking all the time due to globalization. However, as this distance recedes the one thing that still separates various cultures is language. Business people in particular find it necessary to be able to communicate with other professionals around the world whose first language is not the same as… Read More
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    4 Reasons Cyclists Make Great Technical Translators

    Believe it or not, cycling is a sport that requires quite a bit of dedication, training, and hard work. Like an effective technical translator does for their projects, cyclists must pour a significant amount of time and energy into their sport. And, because of the overlaps in the work ethic and persistence between… Read More
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    3 Reasons Your Energy Business Needs a GlobalSpeak Translator

    As new technologies, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, make their way into oil and gas businesses, the world is seeing a continuous global expansion in the industry. We’re not only drilling in Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, and Canada anymore. In fact, there are approximately 100 countries around the world currently responsible for generating… Read More
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    GlobalSpeak Translations Donates To Houston Food Bank For Every Mile Cycled

    With the Houston Food Bank experiencing a greater need from the Houston community during the COVID-19 pandemic, GlobalSpeak Translations has voluntarily stepped up. The Houston Food Bank, always a lifeline to families in the Houston community as they provide much-needed meals, is being supported by GlobalSpeak Translations. The translation services company in Houston,… Read More