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GlobalSpeak Translations provides high-quality technical translation services for businesses and organizations in the energy sector, as well as healthcare and technology based industries. We have a commitment to quality, working hard to ensure that our document are not only accurate, but consistent as well, and we provide our clients with a variety of services to help your business or brand translate and reach out across cultures, languages and locales. At GlobalSpeak Translations, it is our goal to provide you with services that exceed our competitors, and our experienced translators handle your projects with an accuracy and consistency that is unmatched. Contact us today to learn more about our translation services or to request a quote.

While we provide our clients with a variety of services, technical translations are at the root of our business. Whether your business serves clients in the energy sector, healthcare industries, or a tech based field, GlobalSpeak Translations draws on nearly three decades of service, providing you with accurate and precise technical translation services. Looking to translate legal documents, operation manuals, or patent documents? GlobalSpeak Translations can help your brand or business effectively translate your message with accuracy across a variety of languages. Creating an accurate technical translation is a process that requires both experience and technical skills. How do our technical translation services work? In this blog post we will give you a detailed look into our step by step technical translation process.

The first step in our technical translation process is for you to request a quote from us and upload your document into our database. Once your documents are received, a project manager will look over your document and craft a proposal for your project, as well as a schedule that matches your quote request. We await your approval before proceeding with the translation process.

From there, your technical translator will review your document to gain a thorough understanding of its content as well as understand its context. This will allow them to translate your document as accurately as possible from its original language into your target language.

Next, the translator will start the translation process by reading and translating your original document into the target language, paying close attention to its context as well as the accurate and proper terminology specific to your industry. Our technical supervisor will then review the translation, paying close attention to accuracy and syntax, making sure that the translation is as close as possible to the contents of the original document.

From there, we submit the document back to you for approval. If any changes need to be made, we track them in our submitted drafts, making the necessary alterations until the document fits your standards and requirements.

Finally, your project manager gathers all of your final deliverables, verifying that the project meets the specifications and scheduled delivery date. The result? A high-quality technical translation that is not only accurate, but also maintains your brand’s unique identity and voice.

Our technical translation process is simple and easy, providing you with top-quality results that can help your brand reach across a variety of cultures, languages, and locales. GlobalSpeak Translations provides technical translations for a wide variety of business working in many areas, including healthcare, oil and gas, technology-based industries and more. To learn more about our technical translation services, contact us today.

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