The Secret of Getting the Best Price for your Translation Project
You might be wondering, “Why should I invest a decent part of my budget into a translation service?”

After all, how hard could it be? If a person knows two languages fluently, shouldn’t it be a quick and mindless task for them?

The answer is no.

Think about it.

The old saying is true: you get what you pay for, most of the time.

Would you hire an accountant to entertain your 5-year-old’s birthday party? No. Just like you wouldn’t hire a professional clown to pay your taxes.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that you should pay an outrageous price either. Get different quotes. Read reviews. Take your time to find the right fit for your translation needs.

So, what are you paying for again?

You’re paying for a team of bilingual professionals to look at your project and replicate it in another language.

Have you come across a tempting online ad promising you high-quality work for a bargain?

Here’s the catch: You have no idea who is translating your work, where they are from, and what they understand about your subject matter.

What’s the bottom line?

Meanwhile, a professional translation service gives you a quote for a much higher price, and you wonder how it could be possible for the price to be so different?

You may be a great computer tech, but you have no business trying to sort out medical lingo, and vice versa.

If you are a doctor writing an article about the work you’ve done, you want someone with medical writing experience and expertise to translate it into another language. That goes for any field and any language.

Simply stated, you may be getting help, but it is still your project, and it deserves a qualified translator. Contact Global Speak Translations if you need a translator. We will take our time to review your project and provide you with a detailed proposal to get you started.