Top 3 Differences Between Human Translations and Software Translations You Must Know
Did you know that computer scientists started trying to invent a reliable software translation solution since the 1950’s?

It’s true. When it comes to translation services, the bickering between man and machine has gone on for decades.

There’s a lot to say about the matter, and when it comes to your translation needs, how do you know which one to choose? These are just a few things to keep in mind when you compare the differences between human translations and software translations.

3. Artificial Intelligence does not equal emotional intelligence.

Why does this matter? The true power of language is in the meaning that words convey, not only in the words themselves.

The truth is that when it comes to language, the human mind has a very complex way of processing information. Even the most technical projects require a choice of language that will be understood by the chosen target audience.

A certain amount of empathy is required to do this, and even the best software can’t make an algorithm for that.

2. Machines are faster, but the price is accuracy.

There’s no doubt about it. Software produces work much quicker than a human possibly can. After all, we use it for a reason.

On the other hand, we all remember how the tortoise won the race against the hare by taking it slow and steady.

Sure, when you are traveling in a foreign country and need to know how to thank the waiter, a quick software program is great. Meanwhile, your fellow colleagues in your professional field may not appreciate your translation errors as much.

1. Never forget to read the fine print.

If you were a lawyer, would you post a status on Facebook about your client’s case? Hopefully, you wouldn’t. What about Google Translate?

Sure, software translations services are available for free or a small fee on the internet. What could possibly go wrong?

Here’s the catch.

You trade your privacy for a cheap software translation service. Just read Google Translations Terms & Conditions. As it turns out, the old warning is true: Nothing is free.

Nevertheless, software translations can be a great tool when you need a quick language solution or a few words in a different language. However, when it comes to meaningful language solutions, you need a human translator who knows the true value of speech.