After Hurricane Harvey, GlobalSpeak Translations made it a priority to translate disaster relief documents to provide information and guidance regarding the storm’s aftermath.
It is important that everyone in Houston, a city full of diversity, a community that speaks different languages may understand what to do in a case of emergency. We want to keep Houstonians informed and updated about the disaster.

It is important for all of us to be well informed regarding our protective steps, governmental support, or insurance during regarding a state of emergency.

It is for this reason that GlobalSpeak Translations extended its services, at no charge, for individuals that needed translations services related to Hurricane Harvey. As a result of our pro-bono services, we were asked to translate the publication, “Harvey Crisis Response Guide” written by the Baker Botts law firm.

The Spanish downloadable document provides translated information on what to do after Hurricane Harvey, and how to secure information for assistance in this time of emergency.

Download Spanish Harvey Crisis Response Guide

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