Globalspeak Translations aims to be your number one resource for technical translations on the web. Our translation process is easy to initiate and we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best and most accurate translation services. Whether you’re a business that’s serving the energy sector, working in a medical field, or looking to translate a specific sort of document like an HR training manual, our experienced staff is able to do so for you. Request a quote from us today!

Globalspeak Translations is more than an everyday translation service. Many translation services, while skilled, have little to no familiarity with the content of the documents being translated, especially if the documents are of a more technical nature. Do you work in an a specialized industry and are in need of technical translations? Globalspeak Translations has the skill set and experience to ensure that your documents are not only accurate from one language to another, but are also accurate in relation to your specific industry.

Hiring a catch-all translation service to translate your technical documents can lead to an array of issues, from the inaccuracies that you can possibly encounter to a general lack of familiarity with your business. Globalspeak Translations aims to be the number one technical translation service for businesses within the energy sector and beyond. By working with us, you get a level of service, quality and experience that you won’t find at other translation services.


Our translation process involves a short but involved process, with every step being handled by an experienced professional. With any translation, you want the translated document to be as accurate as the source document, with the translator paying close attention to syntax and subject-specific language. Our translation process is not only handled by a person who is fluent in your target language, but the document’s original language as well. This ensures that not only will your original document be processed with the utmost competency, but your translation will be just as thorough. Following this, the translation is then reviewed by a technical supervisor for quality. The technical supervisor looks over the translation, paying attention to syntax and accuracy, to make sure that your translated document is as close as possible to the document being translated. The result is a document that’s translated with the utmost accuracy and precision, ensuring that your message can effectively cross language and cultural barriers.


By working with a general translation agency, you are working with an agency that focuses more on quantity than quality. These agencies will do their best to translate your technical documents, although it’s unlikely that they’ll have a firm understanding of your business and industry. While we serve a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, tech-based businesses and beyond, one of our specialities are businesses within the energy sector. Our staff has years of experience, our president Thomas Lacombe has more than a decade’s worth of geologic oil and gas knowledge and our CEO, Flor Dimassi, has more than two decades of experience in translation and interpretation services. With our business being founded on providing our clients with technical translations of the highest quality, our employees are held to this same level of excellence.

Technical Translations For the Energy Sector

In serving businesses that work within the energy sector and beyond, we understand that your industry is constantly evolving and changing every day. With these changes also come changes with internal documentation. In order to stay current and accurate, your business needs to work with a translation service that is very familiar not only with your industry, but the changes that occur within it. Entrusting your technical translations to Globalspeak Translations will ensure that you receive translations that are accurate, not only from a technical standpoint, but from a content-based standpoint as well.

Why You Need Technical Translations

Whether your business is trying to branch out on an international level, or if you exist in an area that features those who speak multiple languages, having documents that are accurately translated is of the utmost importance to ensure that your message is fully understood, regardless of culture, language or otherwise.

Natural and Clear Translations

Whether you’re trying to translate complex instructions for a job within the energy sector, educational documents that require close attention, or another sort of document for the healthcare or technology-based industries, your entire reasoning for doing so is to provide the other party with a document that is easier to understand. By taking your original document from its original language and translating it into a new language, your hope is that the other party has a more thorough and complete understanding of it, making the end result better for both you and them. But what happens when your document isn’t as accurate as you were hoping? Working with other, more generalized translation services are likely to provide you with translations of this caliber. At Globalspeak Translations, however, quality and accurate translations are our goal, and by hiring our translation services, you will receive a document that is not only accurate, but reads in a way that is incredibly natural as well.

While we are proud to provide businesses of any variety with top-notch and accurate translation services, Globalspeak Translations works with a handful of specific industries, providing them with translations of technical documents in a variety of languages. The Energy Sector is one of the main industries that we serve, and with our staff experienced in the industry, our understanding of documents for the energy sector will exceed that of many other translation services. We are also proud to provide technical translations of documents from many other industries, including legal documents, healthcare and technology-focused documents, construction documents and educational documents. With a staff of 30 specialized technical translators, it is our goal to provide businesses and organizations across the globe with top quality and highly accurate technical translations. From safety training material translations and bid translations to translations of legal contracts, HR manuals and more, our technical translators are ready to provide you with the translation services that your business needs.

Accommodate The Need of Multilingual Employees

Perhaps you’ve found an employee who’s experience and skill are optimum, the only obstacle being that they are not entirely fluent in the language in which your business uses to communicate. Don’t allow something like this to prevent you from having a highly skilled team of employees, but don’t settle for a substandard translation, either. Globalspeak Translations is committed to providing our clients with quality technical translations, with our staff being skilled in both your target language, as well as your document’s original language.

Expand Your Global Footprint

Moving beyond the boundaries of your initial audience is the goal of most any business, though actually being able to do so successfully can be difficult. Do your translations make sense to your target audience? Do they read in a way that is natural or are they fragmented and imprecise? Inaccuracies like these can be rather significant obstacles for businesses trying to reach out beyond their main audience and a bad translation can make your business look inexperienced and unprofessional.

While general translation services will translate your document from one language to another, the chances of you getting a translator that truly understands your document’s content are lower than you may realize. This is especially important for technical translations, as one inaccuracy could lead to a plethora of other issues. All of our team members have a firm understanding of the types of businesses that we serve, from the energy sector to the medical field and beyond. By entrusting the professionals at Globalspeak Translations with your technical translation-related needs, you will be assured of a document that is as accurate in its target language as it was in its original form.

The Importance of Transcreation

Globalspeak Translations aims to provide our clients with translation services that exceed others in the industry. Our commitment to providing you with quality and accurate translations comes in a variety of forms. From making as many revisions as necessary until you approve the final products, to specializing in serving a handful of specific industries, Globalspeak Translations aims to excel in areas where our competitors do not. A translation has more to do than simply taking the contents of one language and translating them into a new target language. One of the things that has a tendency to get lost in the process is your brand’s voice, identity and message. Our commitment to quality and accurate translation services moves beyond our competition, as we also provide our clients with transcreation services.

With prior experience in other industries, we at Globalspeak Translations understand the importance of maintaining your overall brand identity and voice. Our experienced and professional technical translators understand the process of transcreation and keep in mind your brand’s voice, message and identity when translating your documents. Transcreation is put into motion when providing you with technical translations, ensuring that your final documents are not only accurate and natural, but that they also maintain your brand’s identity and message. With our experienced translators having nearly three decades of experience in providing a variety of industries with technical translation services, we understand the need of maintaining a consistency in brand voice and identity from your original documents to translations.

Your Satisfaction Is Important to Us

At Globalspeak Translations, we understand that every document is different, as is every language. We don’t offer a universal approach for every document that we receive, and we understand the importance of thoroughly understanding the contents of your documents in relation to providing you with quality technical translations. This is why our translation process includes your satisfaction with the end result.

After finishing our initial translation from your document’s original language into the target language, we submit it back to you for your review and approval. This is an important part of the process, as it helps us see if there are any changes that need to be made. Your overall satisfaction with our technical translations is incredibly important to us, and we continue to change our drafts until the final translation fits your standards. Accuracy and quality are two things that we strive for in our translations, and we aim to provide our clients with translation services of the highest quality and accuracy in the business. Once the revisions have been made and you have approved the translation, only then do we deliver the final translation. Clients satisfaction is key, and making sure that our translations are up to the standards of our clients is one of the ways that we help ensure that our clients remain pleased with our services.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best results and service. To learn more about how we can help your business transcend language and cultural boundaries, contact us or request a quote today.