Globalspeak Translations is an certified translation agency that provides businesses across multiple industries with the best translations for a variety of document types. It is our goal to provide our Atlanta clients with accurate, precise and consistent translations. With more than two decades of experience in the field of technical translations, we want nothing more than to provide our customers with the best customer service and technical translations in the industry. Read on to learn more about our Atlanta technical translations agency.

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How Does Our Technical Translation Process Work?

Globalspeak Translations aims to provide Atlanta businesses with high-quality translation services, doing so in a way that is not only accurate but also convenient. Simply upload your original document to our server and a project manager will determine how long your translation will take and develop a proposal for your entire project. After this, your document will be read by a certified translator to fully understand its contents and context. From there, the translator will translate your document from the original language into your target language. From there, the translated document will be proofread by a technical supervisor, paying close attention to accuracy, syntax, and the specific language used. After close review, we will submit the translated document to you for approval and for any revision suggestions that you may have. From there, the project is finalized by by your project manager to ensure that it satisfies all of your requirements. The process is quick, easy, and designed to provide you with a high-quality translation that requires minimal work on your end.

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What Types of Documents Do We Translate?

We serve Atlanta businesses of all sizes with an array of translation services, and our certified translation company has the ability to translate a variety of documents. Patents, HR manuals, and legal contracts to website translations, proposals, and MSDS sheets are just a small selection of the kinds of documents that we can accurately translate for your business. You can find a more complete list of the kinds of documents that we can translate for you here. If you have any further questions about the types of documents that we can translate, contact us to learn more about our translation services in Atlanta.

We are proud to provide translations for businesses in an array of different industries. From legal translation services and education translations to construction and technology translation services. Globalspeak Translations has the ability to provide translations services for businesses in a variety of different industries.

The Best Translations in Atlanta

Globalspeak Translations is please to provide Atlanta businesses in the energy sector and beyond with high quality technical translations. Whether you’re looking for a simple translated singular document, or something more intensive like an instruction manual translation, we work hard to provide Atlanta businesses with optimum technical translations. To discover more about our Atlanta technical translation business or request a free quote, call 470-991-9296 or email You will receive a quote for your request within the hour of you placing it.

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