Houston, Texas is the nation’s energy sector capital, is home to the largest medical complex in the world, and is also strong in other important industries, including legal, science, and more. All of these industries can turn to GlobalSpeak Translations, another company that calls Houston home, for the technical translations that they need for their global businesses.

We go beyond general translation services with quality translators who understand both the source language and target language that you require and are experts in the Houston industries. Knowledge of the industry and its technical terms allow our professional translators to produce results that are more precise and up to the standards of industry experts. Our ability to provide translation services in Houston that account for each industry’s specific terminology makes our translation company stand out among the competition.

When you hand your documents over to GlobalSpeak Translations, you can trust that not a single detail will be missed, nothing will be lost, and you will only be presented with the highest quality translations. We are committed to giving every single one of our clients this positive experience. With GlobalSpeak Translations, you are dealing with true professionals who want to ensure you a professional translation that is precise, accurate, and consistent. We’ve been at this for more than 20 years, using project managers and a strong translation system to prevent mistranslations and misspellings, get document translations completed under tight deadlines, and keep writing consistent across all of a client’s document translation work.

GlobalSpeak Translations is a solid choice for certified translation services in Houston, as our previous clients can attest to. Learn more about the translation process and the type of work completed at our Houston certified translations agency below.

How Does Our Process Work?

We keep the process of technical translation as simple and easy for our clients in Houston as possible so that you can focus first on your business. You’ve got other stuff to take care of, so let us take care of the translation. Just send over your documents and we’ll take care of the rest.

The first step to getting translation services from GlobalSpeak Translations underway is to request your quote. You can do this by filling out the quote request form on our website. After you’ve uploaded a sample of the documents that you need our services for, we will be able to determine timeline and pricing. With even more information on the requirements of your Houston translation project, we can get you an even more accurate picture. Helpful information includes source language, target language, and deadline. Of course, anything else you might also want to let us know will certainly be appreciated. We use all of the details to create a quote that’s highly personalized to your Houston company and its specific translation project.

As long as the quote is satisfactory, we can move on to the next stage in the process, where a project manager will get involved and start planning out how we will tackle your translation services. The project manager will consider all your details in order to develop a proposal and time frame for you to review. After your approval, the certified translation team can begin preparing for the translation.

All of our professional translators are highly skilled, and we will make sure the best one for your project, with solid expertise in your industry, is assigned. Our translators achieve such high quality translations by taking their time before diving into the actual work of document translation. Your translator will read through your documents to gain a thorough understanding of the content and conduct any necessary research to ensure meaning is accurately conveyed in the foreign language.

Once this early work is complete, the actual translation process begins. The translator will pay special attention to the context and make sure to use their specialized industry knowledge to accurately translate technical terms. Of course, expert translations are never finished until they have been reviewed, scrutinized, and approved. A technical supervisor checks over the team’s work, making sure it’s as accurate as possible, before we send the material back to you.

Finally, after all these steps, it’s back in your hands, but the job is still on us to make sure you’re satisfied. If there are any additional revisions that you require, we will complete them quickly and get the finished translation product to you on time for the originally agreed upon deadline. With the completion of our certified translation in Houston process, we hope for you to consider the quality of our services high enough to return with additional document translation needs.

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What Documents Can We Translate?

Our professional translation team can give you a quality translation for any document used within one of Houston’s top industries. While we focus heavily on businesses working within the Houston energy sector, we provide certified translations for a wide variety of businesses, including legal services, technology, education, construction, and more. Patents, regulatory documents, proposals, HR manuals, legal contracts, MSDS sheets, and website translations just barely cover all the types of documents that we can accurately translate for you.

Every type of document for Houston industries is handled with care by our professional translators, who work hard to produce a high-quality translation every time. Years of experience in the field of translation are put to use every time our translators begin work on any type of document. The entire professional translation team is dedicated to achieving accurate and consistent translation results for each document, whether it’s safety guidelines, an annual report, or marketing materials.

Even if you don’t see your document specifically listed here, we’re sure GlobalSpeak Translations can provide what you need. Contact us for more information about our Houston technical translation services, including how we would tackle your specific document translation project.

Receive Certified Translation Services from Experts in Houston

Put your documents into the trusted hands of GlobalSpeak Translations for certified translation in Houston that will keep your company at the top of its industry as we move into an even more global future. We’re here for every industry in Houston, from oil and gas to the many companies outside of the energy sector as well. Everyone in need of technical translation can come to GlobalSpeak Translations for real quality translations.

To learn more about our Houston certified translation company, or to request a quote, just give us a call. We’re always ready to get in touch with new clients. Send over your information and we’ll have a quote for our translation services ready for you within an hour or less.

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