Translations for the healthcare industry require the efforts of a highly qualified medical translator who possesses a technical background, as well as a proficiency in the document’s native language. The primary purpose a medical translation is to help doctors and patients communicate clearly and efficiently, and with lives, expensive medication, and your institution’s reputation on the line, it’s vital that your document translations are precise and meticulously carried out.

Our technical translation process is designed to provide accurate translations to help doctors and hospitals with reliable, trustworthy translations, as well as localization services that comply with regulations related to clinical trials and other protocols.

Utilizing the services of industry-specific, expert-level translators who are both native speakers of the target language and fluent in the source language, GlobalSpeak Translations promises clear and easily understood translations of all healthcare documents.


Healthcare Documents that We Can Translate Include:

  • Healthcare Documents That We Can Translate Include:
  • Consent authorization forms
  • Medical marketing brochures
  • Operation manuals
  • Patient information forms
  • Compliance documentation
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Pharmacological studies
  • Contracts
  • Training materials
  • Medical data sheets translations
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Scientific journal articles
  • Drug registration forms
  • Brochure translations
  • Website translations
  • And more – please get in touch with us to request more information about a specific healthcare document you need to translate.

Why Choose GlobalSpeak for Medical Translations?

When it comes to doctor-patient communication, patient-institution communication, and doctor-institution communication, you can’t rely on anything less than perfection. One small miscommunication could mean that the wrong surgery is performed, or the wrong medication prescribed. Mistakes and typos are unacceptable in the medical field, and your institution’s reputation could be easily tarnished by the consequences of a poorly translated document. The stakes cannot get any higher when it comes to protecting yourself and the health of your patients, so choose to invest in a certified translator who can deliver the rigorous and exact translations you need.

GlobalSpeak Translations provides technical translations for a wide variety of industries that require a high level of care and the utmost attention to detail. We have worked closely with members of the energy sector who need to translate engineering documents into foreign languages, and we have also provided legal translations for lawyers working with clients in foreign countries. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about our previously completed technical translations.

Case Study: Cannabis

As industries evolve and markets develop, new and newly approved products are continuously being introduced to support the public health. As just one example, cannabis is gaining worldwide momentum within legally approved countries and states due to its numerous documented medical benefits. Global communication is essential for those investors, operators, and entrepreneurs who are focused on expanding their business networks, especially with products such as cannabis. Whether your product pertains to agriculture, energy, legal services, marketing, or another industry, the need for cross-border translation dialogues is imperative for any business relationship.

Let us know how GlobalSpeak Translations may support your company’s translation needs.

How to Get Started With Healthcare Translations

If you would like to choose GlobalSpeak Translations for your healthcare document translation needs, then please get started by uploading your document and requesting a quote. One of our professional translators will review your document and begin drafting a proposal for the work that needs to be done, as well as the estimated amount of time it will take to complete the project. We aim to provide you with a quote as soon as possible, so keep an eye on your email and/or phone in the days following your quote request.

We will begin the medical document translation process only when you have approved the budget and timeline proposed by your project manager. Once you have given us your approval, your technical translation expert will begin to research and translate your document. When it comes to translations for healthcare professionals, we select translation experts who are thoroughly experienced with the medical industry and the relevant terminology.

Your translation will be passed to one of our technical supervisors for review to ensure that the document you receive has the correct syntax and industry-specific language. We’ll submit the project to you for approval upon completion, allowing you to fully review the work and request any necessary changes. We do not have a limit on the number of revisions you can request – we will continue to revise your project until you are completely satisfied. Your project will be finalized and submitted to you by your stated deadline after the necessary revisions have been made.

Choosing GlobalSpeak Translations for all of your technical translation needs is an easy decision – get started today!