What Is Localization?

While translation is the process of communicating the meaning of one language to another, localization is the process of communicating both content and meaning into not just another language, but into a broader cultural context. Localization addresses things such as color schemes, formatting, phrasing, and other culturally specific features that are often missed just by translating something from one language to another. localization company

As a quick example, think about the last time you clicked on a link and landed on a foreign website while searching for something online. If you were looking for a certain product, then the monetary units may not have been familiar to you, or perhaps you weren’t able to understand the product descriptions at all. Experiences like these drive consumers away, and you don’t want to miss out on revenue due to confusion or a difference in cultural norms.

Localization services from GlobalSpeak Translation will help your brand deliver your message globally to the right audience, no matter the language, culture, or location.

Why Choose GlobalSpeak Translations?

At GlobalSpeak Translations, we recognize that every detail matters. We’re committed to ensuring that your message remains intact and that your voice remains unaltered by language barriers and cultural differences, in order to help your brand seamlessly integrate into any market. Our localization experts are not only native speakers of the target language, but are also fluent in the source language. Understanding the need to build and maintain consistent brand awareness, each GlobalSpeak localization team member is considered an authority in marketing translations and cultural integration.

With almost a quarter-century of experience behind our name, we can adapt your marketing content in any form to a specific locale or market. Our localization process is consistent and formatted to meet our extremely high standards. We will send you copies of your project and make any necessary revisions until you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Understanding your audience culture and language terminology is a proven way to succeed in the global market. Our localization services will help you translate your message as intended, allowing you to easily market your brand anywhere in the world.

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