Translations for the healthcare industry requires the efforts of a medically-qualified translator who not only possesses a technical background, but also proves their native language capabilities, helping doctors and patients communicate effortlessly.

Our technical translations approach is designed to provide accurate translations to help doctors and hospitals with reliable, trustworthy translations as well as localization services that comply with regulations related with clinical trials and other protocols.

Utilizing the services of industry-specific, expert-level translators who are both native speakers of the target language and fluent in the source language, GlobalSpeak promises clear and easily understood translations of all healthcare documents.


Type of medical materials translated documents:

  • Consent authorization forms
  • Medical marketing brochures
  • Operation manuals
  • Patient information forms
  • Compliance documentation
  • Medical questionnaires
  • Pharmacological studies
  • Contracts
  • Training materials
  • Medical data sheets translations
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Scientific journal articles
  • Drug registration forms
  • Brochure translations
  • Website translations